Make Some Noise visits Ysgol Sant Dunawd

Monday 23rd September, 2019

DMC’s Make Some Noise tour is at its first School of the Wrexham tour in Ysgol Sant Dunawd!

Blwyddyn 1 – 6 are treated to our Make Some Noise showcase this morning; lead by DMC tutors Wyn Pearson (on Guitar), Aled Williams (on Bass Guitar), Ben Neal (on Drums), Matt Deacon (on Flute and Saxophone) and Matty Roberts (on vocals).

Ysgol Sant Dunawd is the 48th of all the schools and 1st of the Wrexham schools our Make Some Noise tour will be visiting over the next 2 weeks. Be sure to follow us on tour with regular updates on Facebook, Twitter and our official blog page.